[MITgcm-support] Crashes with EVP seaice

Pochini, Enrico epochini at inogs.it
Thu Jan 7 09:50:46 EST 2021

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Il giorno gio 7 gen 2021 alle ore 15:47 Pochini, Enrico <epochini at inogs.it>
ha scritto:

> This is the log of the longer run.. 1900 is a fake initial date, the real
> time is 21'000 years ago
> Enrico
> Il giorno gio 7 gen 2021 alle ore 15:33 Pochini, Enrico <epochini at inogs.it>
> ha scritto:
>> Dear community,
>> I am trying to run a regional model with SHELFICE and SEAICE packages.
>> However I'm still having problems with crashes while employing the EVP
>> solver.
>> The error I get is the general
>>> ERROR STOP MOM_IMPLICIT_R: error when solving 3-Diag problem.
>> and I only get it with the EVP; with the LSR solver the model runs fine
>> for more years but the ice I get seems to be less realistic.
>> I was able to run the model for just two years with EVP without crashes
>> with the namelist files attached.
>> To restart the model I have tried playing with OBCS_SEAICE options,
>> sponge layer thickness and relaxation times and EVP alpha/beta parameters
>> (from 10 to 600). I tried also disabling OB for seaice. I have 5km
>> resolution, 300 seconds deltaT, vertical levels with min 10m thickness.
>> Can you point me to some tests to fix this problem?
>> How can I print debugging information in the STDOUT? In the
>> SEAICE_OPTIONS.h I set #define SEAICE_DEBUG and have debugLevel>0 in "data"
>> but it doesn't seem to work with EVP.
>> Kind regards,
>> Enrico
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