[MITgcm-support] netcdf output files

Yangxin He y67he at uwaterloo.ca
Thu Apr 11 15:57:59 EDT 2019

Hi there,

I have been using mdsio output files for a while, and globalFiles=.TRUE., so for each variable I have 2 files *.data and *.meta.

Now I wanna reduce my file creation rate so I am trying the MNC package. I see the netcdf packs the velocities and temperature files into one netcdf file, so I can reduce file creation by about 8. But at the same time for each cpu I get one netcdf file, currently I use 38 cpus so thats 38 netcdf files for each dumpFreq. Plus I am also using KL10 package and the viscosity files with KL10 do not seem to get compressed into the netcdf files.

My question is, before I explore more about the MNC, if my goal is to reduce my file creation rate, should I stick to mdsio outputs?


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