[MITgcm-support] documentation about OBC Orlanski and Balance Flow

Matthew Mazloff mmazloff at ucsd.edu
Thu Jan 28 11:38:34 EST 2016

Hi Camile

I have never used Orlanski. 

Regarding balance step, I assume you mean "OBCS_BALANCE" which just balances the net inflow (a barotropic balance). So it only acts on the normal component of velocity.

My suggestion is to try to learn from example "verification" experiments, and ask questions when you are stuck. There are lots of email threads about OBCS too.


On Jan 28, 2016, at 7:52 AM, Camille Mazoyer <mazoyer at univ-tln.fr> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I just start using MITgcm as I will use it during my thesis for creating a configuration on the rade de Toulon, France.
> Currently, I'm trying to understand how open boundary conditions work, with these two steps:
> - orlanski scheme wich seems to be a predictor step, if I understand well, where we use the pression of the previous step. We calculate velocities, temperature and salinity we will have to correct during the next step
> - use of balance flow wich seems to be a corrector step of these variables (Is this right?)
> I only find a few explanations in the doc (mainly explaining the CPP Key). I also have read the paper of Orlanski, 1976.
> Would you have more documentations / publications about the method used in the MITgcm (orlanski and balance flow)? (about the numerical part, or the method, ...)
> Thank you very much for your help,
> Camille Mazoyer
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