Sonya Legg sonya.legg at noaa.gov
Tue Oct 7 16:00:11 EDT 2014

Dear MITgcm-ers,

I want to run MITgcm with prescribed open boundary conditions, with 
values read in from a file. I see that useOBCSprescribe=.TRUE. is the 
way to do this, setting the arrays for the input variables in the files 
OB[N/S/E/W][t/s/u/v] etc. I notice that as currently set up, the input 
files have dimensions of N(horizontal)XNrX time-levels. I want to have 
constant (in time) boundary forcing (i.e. timelevels = 1). I'm having 
trouble figuring out how I give set the time information for the forcing 
- something in exf_readparms.F and namelist exf_nml_obcs?

Thanks for any pointers


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