[MITgcm-support] add the time dependent wind by 'zonalWindFile'

Victor victory9269 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 05:24:04 EST 2012

Hi Martin

Thanks for your help, and I have gone through it. I have set the
'externForcingPeriod' and 'externForcingCycle' before, but in a wrong way.
I used 'externForcingPeriod' as the period of the forcing, and
'externFocingCycle' as the repeating times of this period. This is a big

Actually, 'externForcingPeriod' is just 'deltaT' of the changing wind,
whereas 'externForcingCycle' is the period. If I setup a wind with a period
of one month, then the 'externForcingCycle' should be set '30*24*3600', and
the 'externForcingPeriod' can be set '24*3600', which means one value per
day. If the time step of the running ('deltaT') is smaller than
'externForcingPeriod', the wind value at each time step will be

Hopefully I make it clear and it will be helpful sometimes.

Best regards.

Shengli Chen

Xiamen University, China
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