[MITgcm-support] Time variable and changing deltaT

cimatori cimatori at knmi.nl
Fri Nov 2 06:13:29 EDT 2012

Hi everybody,
I just noticed a "funny" behaviour of MITgcm: basically, after spinning 
up the model for some time, I restarted it with a different time step 
(longer), using netcdf restart files. If I now look at the output of the 
new run, I see that while the number of iterations continues its count 
correctly, the time variable stored in the output is wrong, as it 
contains times that are just the (number of iterations) x (new time 
step), while it should obviously be (restart time) + (number of 
iterations - restart iteration) x (new time step). Put this way, this 
looks a lot like a bug, but maybe there is a reason for this behaviour. 
Any idea? I'm using netcdf output at the moment, if it makes any difference.


Andrea Cimatoribus
Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute

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