[MITgcm-support] mnc missing values

Constantinos Evangelinos ce107 at ocean.mit.edu
Thu Jan 21 13:11:45 EST 2010

On Thursday 21 January 2010 12:47:14 pm David Hebert wrote:

> 1 Since mnc writes on per tile basis, is it best to use
> globalFiles=.TRUE. (and hence useSingleCpuIO=.FALSE.)?

These AFAIK affect only the MDSIO package and not the MNC package.

> 2) I see there is a logical flag "use_missing" in MNC_CW_READWRITE_I.F.
> Is this intended to be used to write missing values to netcdf output? If
> so, can someone point me to where this flag should be set (i.e., what
> namelist, don't seem to find it in any other .F files). Also, is a place
> to specify what the missing value is?

Unfortunately the MNC output is not fully functioning - this appears to be a 
half-way implemented feature. The resulting files also do not conform to the 
CF conventions unfortunately.

Dr. Constantinos Evangelinos
Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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