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Patrick Heimbach heimbach at MIT.EDU
Thu Jan 18 08:16:04 EST 2007

Dear Lee HanSoo,

On Jan 18, 2007, at 5:39 AM, Yi HanSoo wrote:

> Dear MITgcm users
> In the EXF package, the hs (sensible heat flux) and hl (latent heat  
> flux) are not compeletely implemented, right?

Not right.
It is fully implemented as per Large and Pond 1981, or Large and  
Yeager 2004.

> And while running my simulation with exf pkg., I got an error when  
> accessing the forcing files (e.g. uwindfile) saying
> it's accessing the non-existing record.

This should not happen.

> But when I use the same forcing files with external_field_load.F,  
> it works just fine.

There seems to be an inconsistency in what you're trying to do.
external_field_load doesn't use bulk formulae, so it would not be able
to either read uwind, vwind, nor would you be able to compute
hs, hl, from what you're reading (unless you use the bulkf package).

> So I don't know what's wrong here, is exf_iprec overridden by  
> readBinaryPrec at run-time?

No, exf_iprec does not get overwritten.

> At first I used different precisions for them and then I used same  
> precision, 32, for both.

Both should work, depending on what your input files are.

> But I still have the same run-time error with exf pkg.

Would need more details regarding your setup
(e.g. EXF_OPTIONS.h, data.exf).


> Regards
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