[MITgcm-support] how to build the mitgcm code on cygwin?

brainf brainf at 163.com
Sat May 20 02:56:53 EDT 2006

I can build the code on debain
When I compile the code on cygwin ,it has some error following:

********************* error start***************************
$ make
sigreg.c:26:22: ucontext.h: No such file or directory
sigreg.c:31: warning: "struct ucontext" declared inside parameter list
sigreg.c:31: warning: its scope is only this definition or declaration, which is
 probably not what you want
make: *** [sigreg.o] Error 1

******************** error     end  ************************

How to install it on cygwin?

I have see the option for cygwin "MITgcm/tools/build_options/cygwin_ia32_g77"

But how to use it?

Best regards. 

brainf at 163.com

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