[MITgcm-support] mitgcm on dual-core Opteron systems

chris hill cnh at mit.edu
Thu Jan 5 12:38:27 EST 2006

Hi Jason,

  There is support for tile level threading with n tiles per process in 
the code. I haven't tried any benchmark runs on any of the dual-core 
CPU's yet.


Jason Goodman wrote:
> Hi, MITGCM gang!
> Has anyone got benchmarking info comparing 2-chip, dual-core-per-chip  
> Opteron systems (like dual Opteron 275s) against older dual 248-252  
> systems for MITGCM?
> I expect they won't be anywhere near twice as fast, since memory  access 
> will be a major bottleneck.  But adding 275s might be cheaper  than 
> adding nodes, as far as bang-per-buck goes.  A lot depends on  MITGCM's 
> support for multithreading -- I assume I'm going to have to  do 
> something clever in SIZE.h to get it to work well (2 tiles per  process?)
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