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Amitabh Mitra amitabhmitra1 at rediffmail.com
Wed Mar 2 05:54:08 EST 2005


 Dear Sir,

 In the verification experiment
 global_ocean.90x40x15 how do I create

 the input file POLY3.COEFFS when the 

 no. of vertical levels is changed from

 15 to 17(Nr=17).

 I downloaded the required data and applied

 in the experiment. After neccesssary modifications

 in the file SIZE.h and input/data as I run the

 model the following error is displayed.
 SGI_2100 33% mpirun -np 1 ./mitgcmuv
 ini_eos: attempt to read POLY3.COEFFS failed
           because bad # of levels in data
 STOP Bad data in POLY3.COEFFS
MPI: MPI_COMM_WORLD rank 0 has terminated without calling MPI_Finaliz()
 SGI_2100 34%
 Can someone help me solve my problem ?

 Thanking You,

 Amitabh Mitra
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