[MITgcm-support] Re: compiling MITgcm on Altrix - small problem

Ulrike Riemenschneider uriemenschneider at whoi.edu
Mon Feb 21 15:48:17 EST 2005

Hi Patrick,

I am also attempting to compile and run the MITgcm on an Altrix at GFDL. 
The following commands seem to do the trick:

%/bin/sh ../../../tools/genmake2 -bash=/bin/sh -mods=../code -mpi
%make depend

BUT right at the end - when mitgcmuv is being created it spits out the 
following error message:

 > ld: cannot find -lPEPDF90
 > make: *** [mitgcmuv] Error 1

Any ideas who to mend this little problem??


Patrick Heimbach wrote:
> Hi there,
> getting the model to run on an Altix
> should not require a sys admin guy.
> It has been run on quite a few Altix systems.
> Only thing you need to know is
> * which compiler? (full path to compiler)
>   In case it's ifort (likely),  find out whether
>   is it version befor 8, or 8 onwards (usually apparent in path name)
> * which mpi?
>   (full path to lib/ and include/ directory)
> Then, take one of the optfiles on tools/build_options/ e.g.
> o linux_ia64_ifort+mpi_altix_nas (if it's ifort-8...)
> o linux_ia64_efc+mpi_altix (if it's ifort-7 or below)
> and customize these few variables to your Altix.
> Then compile, run, and send your sys-admin guy skiing :o)
> -Patrick

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