[MITgcm-support] problems running mnc_assembly

Eli Galanti galanti at tau.ac.il
Sun Feb 6 03:00:17 EST 2005

hi Ed,

I'm trying to run your example of mnc_assembly (mnc_assem_test) with matlab 6.5
and get the following errors. Any ideas what could cause the problem?

thanks, Eli.

>> mnc_assem_test

Starting test with "exch1" geometry:

  Found 4 files matching the pattern:  "exp0_20041126_0001/state.0000.%06d.nc"
  Looking for variable:   iter
??? Error using ==> cellstr
Input must be a string.

Error in ==> /usr/local/lib64/matlab13_sp1/toolbox/matlab/ops/@cell/setdiff.m
On line 52  ==>     b = cellstr(b);

Error in ==> /a/home/cc/space/galanti/development/edhill/mnc_assembly/mnc_assemb
On line 239  ==>     addl = setdiff(mydim_names,[mydims.names]);

Error in ==> /a/home/cc/space/galanti/development/edhill/mnc_assembly/mnc_assem_
On line 24  ==> [nt,nf] = mnc_assembly(fpat,vars);
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