[MITgcm-support] combining multi-PE NetCDF files into a single file

Martin Losch mlosch at awi-bremerhaven.de
Tue Feb 1 11:48:43 EST 2005

Eli, Ed,

I have had difficulties with mnc_assembly and Matlab6.1. You'll have to  
replace all "||" and "&&" by "|" and "&" in order to make it work with  
Matlab_pre7 (I don't have Matlab7 so I cannot test it with a later  

Stick to the example in  
develmopment/edhill/mnc_assemply/mnc_assem_test.m: the argument vars  
has to be a structure (not a cell as described in the help section of  

Another problem:
For my output mnc_assembly does not assemble anything, but writes only  
one tile to the output file. I don't know why this is, but I suspect is  
has to do with the bi,bj's in my netcdf files:
they are all 1. Ed, I don't know whether I have this because don't use  
the latest version of the code (haven't tried it, yet), or because  
bi,bj=1 if you use only 1 tile per processor? Your examples all have  
nPx=nPy=1 and nSx,nSy>1, whereas I have nSx=nSy=1 and nPx,nPy>1

what do you think?


On Feb 1, 2005, at 5:02 PM, Ed Hill wrote:

> On Tue, 2005-02-01 at 13:16 +0200, Eli Galanti wrote:
>> hello,
>> when running with packege mnc on several processors, how do I combine  
>> the files
>> into a single file?
>> for example:
>> grid.0000.000001.nc
>> grid.0000.000002.nc
>> grid.0000.000003.nc
>> grid.0000.000004.nc
> Hi Eli,
> A few of us have been using a MatLAB tool called "mnc_assembly.m" which
> I just checked into CVS.  You can get it at:
>   MITgcm/utils/matlab/mnc_assembly.m
> and more information (including two complete sets of examples) is
> available from our CVS server at these locations:
>   MITgcm/utils/matlab/README.txt
>   development/edhill/mnc_assembly
> Please be aware that the tool was written to work with both MatLAB v7
> (R14+) and the MatLAB NetCDF Toolbox:
> http://woodshole.er.usgs.gov/staffpages/cdenham/public_html/MexCDF/ 
> nc4ml5.html
> so it may have some problems with older MatLAB versions.  And if you
> have problems, send your bug reports to this list!
> Ed
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