[MITgcm-support] consultation

Zhaipu Ma zhaipuma at mail.hbu.edu.cn
Tue Dec 23 18:40:11 EST 2003

Dear Sir,
I adapt the /exp4/, but the delZ is much smaller than delX and delY. 
My data is delX=DelY=9260m, and delZ=3m~10m,  say delZ=6.5m,
no change for the other parameters, the MIT runs for nearly 4000 iterations,
if  delZ=10m,then MIT runs 5722 iterations, if delZ=15,then much more iterations reached.
I check the MIT, it says that rhsMax>=e200, than comes a NAN,
So, for such condition, how can I adjust the delZ?
Because I want to calculate the shelf sea. The Max depth is 65m (bottom),
each layer is 3,3,3,3,3,3,5,5,10,17m, I can not adapt delZ to 20m, 
I have no experiments. 
how to give the parameter for such a thin layer ?


Merry Christmas day !

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