[MITgcm-support] MITgcm

Zhaipu Ma zhaipuma at mail.hbu.edu.cn
Wed Dec 24 09:43:29 EST 2003

Dear Sir,
 I have a questions to ask about MITgcm.
In verification/exp4/, I adapt the topography to my own, ny=49,nx=61, nr=10; delX=delY=9260m, delZ=3m~10m, deltaT=300, with no other changes, I find that if my delZ=6*3,2*5,10,27, (total 10 layers),  mitgcmuv runs for nrarly 2300 iterations, and then  comes  NAN  for rhsMAx, I change the delZ to 10*10, then runs 5400  itertions, If I change 10*12 for delZ, then runs for 9600 iterations, Can mitgcmuv run without stop,unless it meet nTimeStep?
If the max depth of shelf sea is less than 100m,say, 55m, could MITgcm be use to the shelf sea? I find it is always come a NAN when delZ is less than 10m. and if I change the delZ to more than 10m, say,12m, then it runs smoothly. I check the Mw, Sl,Si Sa, they are all under the limit for stability.


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