[MITgcm-support] Questions about the seaice pkg

Martin Losch Martin.Losch at awi.de
Tue Jan 12 07:28:45 EST 2021


I am not sure, if I have the right idea, but please have a look at seaice_growth.F around line 2335:
where the temperature flux is computed. I guess you have to set tmpscal1=0.
I am not sure, though, if this really affects that net heat flux qnet, maybe someone else has?


> On 12. Jan 2021, at 03:29, 张昊昊 <191311040038 at hhu.edu.cn> wrote:
> Professor Martin:
>           First of all, Thanks again for your patient answers every time. 
>           Recently I wanted to look at the problem of the heat carried by melting ice water into the ocean. When sea ice melting, it forms fresh water into the ocean. At the same time, fresh water carries heat into the ocean, and if I want to set this part of the heat to zero, how should I modify the program.
>           I am looking forward to your help and I wish you good health and good luck in everything! 
>                                                                                                                                        yours 
>                                                                                                                                        ZhangHaohao
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