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What do you mean by extracting my boundary conditions at the correct location?

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Hi Andreas, are you sure that you are extracting your boundary conditions at the correct location?
You could be off by one grid cell, which could cause this problem.  Dimitris

On Jun 18, 2020, at 6:21 PM, Andreas Klocker <andreas.klocker at utas.edu.au<mailto:andreas.klocker at utas.edu.au>> wrote:


I am trying to set up a regional model configuration with OBCS. For some reason the model seems to introduce salinities where I actually have bathymetry (see attached figure; bathymetry left, salinities right). Salinities this low definitely do not exist in the files containing the bounday conditions. Is it necessary to set the open boundary exactly to where I have ocean, or should the bathymetry file take care of this by telling the model there should be nothing happening in case of zero water depth?

Here's my data.obcs file:

# Open-boundaries

 OB_Iwest  = 600*1,
 OB_Ieast  = 600*-1,
 OB_Jsouth = 2600*1,
 OB_Jnorth = 2600*-1,

 useOBCSsponge    = .TRUE.,
 useOBCSbalance   = .TRUE.,
 useOBCSprescribe = .TRUE.,

 useOrlanskiWest  = .FALSE.,
 useOrlanskiEast  = .FALSE.,
 useOrlanskiSouth = .FALSE.,
 useOrlanskiNorth = .FALSE.,

 OBWuFile = 'OWU',
 OBWvFile = 'OWV',
 OBWtFile = 'OWT',
 OBWsFile = 'OWS',

 OBEuFile = 'OEU',
 OBEvFile = 'OEV',
 OBEtFile = 'OET',
 OBEsFile = 'OES',

 OBSuFile = 'OSU',
 OBSvFile = 'OSV',
 OBStFile = 'OST',
 OBSsFile = 'OSS',

 OBNuFile = 'ONU',
 OBNvFile = 'ONV',
 OBNtFile = 'ONT',
 OBNsFile = 'ONS',

# OBCS_monitorFreq= 86400.,
# OBCS_monSelect = 1,

# Orlanski parameters
# Cmax=0.45,
# cVelTimeScale=1000.,


Thanks in advance!

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