[MITgcm-support] testreport with global_with_exf

Neil Patel nigellius at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 17:27:36 EST 2018

testreport did not pass without MPI. It was able to read bathymetry.bin but got stuck at an exf step. I got this:

=> output from running in global_with_exf/tr_run.yearly :
>  link mitgcmuv from dir ../build
> ** Warning ** PROFILES_READPARMS: ignores "data.profiles" file since
> ** Warning ** PROFILES_READPARMS: usePROFILES= F (set from "data.pkg")
> SET_REF_STATE: Unable to compute reference stratification
> SET_REF_STATE:  with EOS="POLY3" ; set dBdrRef(1:Nr) to zeros
> S/R EXF_CHECK: use u,v_wind components but not wind-stress

Anyone recognize what this might be from?

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> Neil,
> before you use MPI, try without. Does the test pass without MPI?
> The model is tested every day with and without MPI on many different machines. If you encounter problems with MPI then I would first make sure that simple MPI programs run successfully.
> For testreport, on top of the -mpi flag you need to pass the command to testreport that you need to run an mpi program, e.g. with -command "mpirun -n 2 mpirun? or whatever your command is, and how many processes you can allow (I?d use two for a simple test).
> M.

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