[MITgcm-support] time continuous source for ptracers: how to use ptracers_forcing_surf.F

Camille Mazoyer mazoyer at univ-tln.fr
Tue Oct 10 05:20:51 EDT 2017

Dear all,

I'm starting to work with ptracers to study passive tracers circulation 
in a mid closed bay. I'm starting to have nice results with it. Until 
now, I put an initial concentration at time t0, and then, I observe 
where the tracers go.

Now, I would like to add a time continuous source. I saw on the mailing 
list that there are two ways of doing this:

1)- with rbcs package

2) - modifying  ptracers_forcing_surf.F source code.

I tryed option 1 but I did'nt manage to do what I want. I think option 2 
is easier (?) for starting?

=> so option 2:  I see where to modify the ptracers_forcing_surf.F code 
(see below), but I have a question about local i,j and global i,j. I 
want to add a source at i=22:23, j=84:85, k=1 (surface). These are 
global indices. How can I know which tile, and what local indices I have 
to write? (because the code what local indices no?)

C Example of how to add forcing at the surface
       DO iTrc=1,PTRACERS_numInUse
c       IF ( PTRACERS_StepFwd(iTrc) ) THEN
           DO j = jMin, jMax
            DO i = iMin, iMax
c             surfaceForcingPTr(i,j,bi,bj,iTrc) = 0. _d 0
              surfaceForcingPTr(i,j,bi,bj,iTrc) = 0. _d 0
c    &                        + surfaceForcingS(i,j,bi,bj)
c       ENDIF

Thanks you very much for your help,

Have a good day,


Camille Mazoyer
Phd Student
Mediterranean Institute of Oceanology (MIO)
Institut de Mathématiques de Toulon (IMATH)
Université de TOULON
Bat X - CS 60584
83041 TOULON cedex 9
tel: +
Email: mazoyer at univ-tln.fr

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