[MITgcm-support] Unstability in a Model (SOLUTION IS HEADING OUT OF BOUNDS)

Bahman Alavi bahman.al at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 06:09:50 EST 2016

Hi all
I configured a case in MITgcm, which happened to be perhaps unstable. I
have tried to decrease the timestep, but it could not help and the error
shows up at nearly same time (timestep X Iter).
I also tried changing the "viscAh" and "tALPHA" but it didn't help. So I
changed the "monitorFreq" to something over the final time, it results to
"NaN" data.
I have two questions according to what I said above:
1- Is my case unstable?
2- how can i know that my input data could be create this situation.

The error is:
SOLUTION IS HEADING OUT OF BOUNDS: tMin,tMax= -1.238E+02  8.877E+02
  exceeds allowed range (monSolutionMaxRange=  1.000E+03)
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