[MITgcm-support] Calculation of the value of the density in the SHELFICEloadAnomal yFile in data.shelfice

刘成彦 killy at nuist.edu.cn
Sat Oct 11 08:53:50 EDT 2014

Dear all,
I still have some problem in my experiment on the Amery Ice shelf. In my former emails, I have discussed it with Dustin, and he suggestions did help me to
realized that I need put my attention to the ‘SHELFICEloadAnomalyFile’ in the data.shelfice. After read the manual, it suggests that this file supplys the
pressure load anomaly at the bottom of the ice shelves. Its value is Ptop-g*Σρ0*delz, and the Ptop is defined as Ptop=Pa+ g*Σρ**delz.
These rho makes me confuse…..
The first one,ρ0, denotes the rhoConst in manual, and I have find it in the STDOUT.0000 file, with a value of 1027.5 kg/m3.
The second one, ρ*, is defined as ‘constant in time and corresponds to the sea-water replaced by ice’.
So I can not figure out what is the meaning of the second one, and how can I get the value of this density?
Dose it means the density of the ice shelf, or something else?
I have read the section SHELFICE configuration, compiling & running in the manual, and the paper “Modeling ice shelf cavities in a z coordinate ocean
general circulation model”, but I still cannot get clear with the second density.
Thank you for your considerations!



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