[MITgcm-support] Can MITgcm simulate tide driving by water level on OBCS?

shi wenqi swqouc at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 1 02:40:58 EST 2014

Hi DimitrisThanks a lot for your help.And I got another two questions1)Which parts of MITgcm code should I modify to change sea level at the boundary in MITgcm? 2)OB?amFile/OB?phFile just contains the tide current that is perpendicular to the OBCs? 
Sorry for my poor english,and please forgive me for my tedious questions.

Bestregards,Mark zhang

  On Sunday, November 30, 2014 9:38 PM, Dimitris Menemenlis <dmenemenlis at gmail.com> wrote:

 changing sea level at the boundary is not sufficientyou need to push water through your open boundaryusing OBEuFile or OBEamFile/OBEphFile in data.obcs
see examples here:http://mitgcm.org/viewvc/MITgcm/MITgcm_contrib/tides/

On Nov 30, 2014, at 5:20 AM, shi wenqi <swqouc at yahoo.com> wrote:
Hello all,I am doing a tide simulation for a bay, where I generate tide waves at East open boundary through OBEetaFile。 But the result is that the sea level of all grid is zeros even after a lot of time steps! I'm so confused now.
For now, MITgcm can't simulate tide driving by water level through OBCs?
Best regards,Mark zhang

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