[MITgcm-support] Where to set boundary conditions and initial conditions ?

Yuan Lian lian at ashimaresearch.com
Tue Nov 26 15:51:28 EST 2013


Could you please be more specific on the questions?

The initial conditions can be either set by reference states such as 
tRef and sRef in data file, and/or initial files (binary files) such as 
"uVelInitFile" in data file, and/or "PTRACERS_initialFile" in 
data.ptracers (if you are investigating passive tracers).

The boundary conditions can be set by rbcs (relaxed boundary conditions) 
or obcs (open boundary conditions) packages, depending on the questions 
you need to solve.

I think you can get more help if you specify what you are trying to 


On 11/26/13, 3:50 AM, liujing657949251 wrote:
> Dear all:
> Sorry about my question, but I really want to know *where to set 
> *the boundary conditions and initial conditions ?
> Also, I am not quite sure what's*the meaning of* boundary conditions 
> and initial conditio*n*s . And I could not find their *specific 
> explanation* in the user manual. Could anyone tell me where it is, or 
> offer some other matierals about this?
> Thanks very much.
> Best regards,
> Jing
> Nov 26, 2013
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