[MITgcm-support] How to glue mnc output files with the cube-sphere exch2 grid ?

Alexandre Pohl Alexandre.Pohl at lsce.ipsl.fr
Thu Nov 21 05:32:00 EST 2013


I ran the verification/cpl_aim+ocn experience and I produced NetCdf files.It uses a cube-sphere Exch2 grid and I got one file per face (6 files).

I previously used gluemnc to glue the cartesian output files together, but it does not work with the exch2.

I also tested the rdmnc.m script. It extracts the variables from the 6 tiles but the result is not correct. The faces are glued to each other in no particular order. I join the result. We can see Africa on the left and Antarctica on the right.... not the expected result!

Is there a way to do that, like gluemnc does for a cartesian grid?
I think you probably encountered this problem before?

Thanks a lot and with kind regards,
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