[MITgcm-support] problems with the size.h file

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Wed Nov 6 07:40:17 EST 2013

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subject :  problems with the "size.h"  file 

as can be seen from the manual that , in the size.h file  , two kinds of  parameters as fellow: 
 1 ,snx=90,sny=40,olx=3,oly=3 ,nsx=1 ,nsy=1 ,npx=1,npy=1 ; 
2 ,snx=45 ,sny=20,olx=3,oly=3,nsx=1,nsy=1,npx=2 ,npy=2 .
I want to know that , the total grid number in X direction  is   snx*nsx*npx  ,in  Y  is sny*nsy*npy   ,  in the above two cases ,the total grid number are the same  , then  what is the difference between  the two cases ?  and , the nsx=1 ,or nsx=2 ,will  cause what different influence ?   as well as "the npx =1 or npx=2 "  ?
someone can tell me what the “tiles” ,“process” exactly mean  ? I have read the manual  many times ,but I 'm still not clear about it .

many thanks !!! 
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