[MITgcm-support] Orlanski boundary conditions

Sonya Legg sonya.legg at noaa.gov
Tue May 28 11:49:12 EDT 2013

Dear mitgcm folks,

I have been using MITgcm_c62q for a long time, running process study 
simulations of internal waves, forcing the wave at the west boundary 
with specified boundary conditions, and allowing the wave to propagate 
out of the domain at the east boundary with orlanski boundary conditions.

I have a new student starting research with me, and he has been 
attempting to set the code using the latest version of the code, 
downloaded last week through CVS. He successfully ran the internal wave 
test case, but when he added orlanski boundary conditions at the eastern 
boundary (along with appropriate changes to the data file, i.e. no 
nonlinear free surface etc), the code blows up. With version c62q he can 
successfully convert the internal wave test case to run with orlanski 
boundary conditions at the eastern boundary.

So my question is: have the orlanski boundary conditions been verified 
for newer versions of the code? Can you point me to an orlanski boundary 
condition test case?



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