[MITgcm-support] Problem for the MITgcm parallelized compilation

Martin Losch Martin.Losch at awi.de
Wed Apr 10 08:29:10 EDT 2013

Hi Francois,

you need to run the model in a directory where you have the data files, otherwise the model does not see them, i.e. after your successfull make-command you are still in build, where there are no input files, so 
cd ../run
cp ../input/* .
mpirun -np2 ../build/mitgcmuv


On Apr 10, 2013, at 11:14 AM, François Lefeuvre <francois.lefeuvre at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am a M2 student which is doing an internship. I need to use the MITgcm code in order to solve my problem. Actually, for now, I am testing the verification cases which are given in the .tar file that I have downloaded. So, I chose two examples and I managed to run both. But now, I want to parallelize the computation because it will be needed for my problem. Thus, I changed the nPx/nPy number in the SIZE.h file. Then, I checked the option file that I have to put when I compile the code with genmake2 (I read the HOW TO manual and changed a little bit one of the files which has been made for the most similar machine that is to say I changed directories of MPIrun libraries and includes), and followed the instruction of the Building with MPI part. Moreover, I run these two codes locally, so I don't need any script. The result is that I manage to compile the code but when I want to execute it, it doesn't work.
> The last command I launch and the message error I get for the intenal_waves example is :
>     lefeuvre at sheena:~/MITgcm_c64f/verification/internal_wave/build> mpirun -np 2 ./mitgcmuv > output.txt
>     At line 2128 of file mdsio_read_field.f (unit = 9, file = 'topog.slope')
>     Fortran runtime error: Non-existing record number
> The last command I launch and the message error I get for the tutorial_baroclinic_gyre example is :
>     lefeuvre at sheena:~/MITgcm_c64f/verification/tutorial_baroclinic_gyre/build> mpirun -np 2 ./mitgcmuv > output.txt
> I don't know in which way I need to look for errors. According to you, Where does the problem may come from?
> - The parallelization
> - Some compiler problem
> - The input/data file
> - something else
> Are these two errors linked?
> Sorry for my english and thank you for help, sincerely François Lefeuvre.
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