[MITgcm-support] Free-surface anomaly disturbance force.

Martin Losch Martin.Losch at awi.de
Tue Dec 4 07:31:07 EST 2012

Hi Sergey,

I think that the simplest way to add extra forcing terms to the 
non-hydrostatic w-equation is to add them as a tendency to gw somewhere 
in model/src/calc_gw.F


On 12/03/2012 10:49 PM, fancer fancer wrote:
> Dear MITgcm users and developers,
> I am trying to model a 2D laboratory experiment, which implies at least
> two clue parts: net flow (as the river flow) and some surface waves
> source (surface waves producer). The first part is not the problem, but
> I have faced some issues connected to the force of the surface
> disturbance. The modeling should be performed in the Non-hydrostatic
> mode. In this way I can't use the Non-linear free-surface capability. So
> I need to setup the velocities components (don't take into account the
> active tracers, they should be constant in this simulation). In this
> regard I have the following questions:
> What is the most suitable way to set the surface waves producer in the
> calculation area (on the boundaries and in the internal calculation area)?
> Ok I know, that I can use the obcs package to setup the velocities on
> the boundaries. But what if I need to specify the internal source?
> For instance, I have some function, which implies the vertical velocity
> component W(N, r, t), where N - is the particular OX-coordinate. Is
> there any package, which I can use to add the vertical velocity to the
> internal W-field (for example to the w-component in x=X(N) m)? If it
> doesn't exist, shall I hard code the addition to the vertical velocity
> field directly in the model source code (using genmake2, of course)?
> What source file and function could be used in this way?
> Thank you for any help in advance.
> Sincerely,
> Sergey Semin
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