[MITgcm-support] Free-surface anomaly disturbance force.

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Dear MITgcm users and developers,

I am trying to model a 2D laboratory experiment, which implies at least two
clue parts: net flow (as the river flow) and some surface waves source
(surface waves producer). The first part is not the problem, but I have
faced some issues connected to the force of the surface disturbance. The
modeling should be performed in the Non-hydrostatic mode. In this way I
can't use the Non-linear free-surface capability. So I need to setup the
velocities components (don't take into account the active tracers, they
should be constant in this simulation). In this regard I have the following

What is the most suitable way to set the surface waves producer in the
calculation area (on the boundaries and in the internal calculation area)?
Ok I know, that I can use the obcs package to setup the velocities on the
boundaries. But what if I need to specify the internal source?
For instance, I have some function, which implies the vertical velocity
component W(N, r, t), where N - is the particular OX-coordinate. Is there
any package, which I can use to add the vertical velocity to the internal
W-field (for example to the w-component in x=X(N) m)? If it doesn't exist,
shall I hard code the addition to the vertical velocity field directly in
the model source code (using genmake2, of course)? What source file and
function could be used in this way?

Thank you for any help in advance.

Sergey Semin
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