[MITgcm-support] input files for tutorial:global1x1_tot

Yanli Jia yjia at hawaii.edu
Wed Sep 28 16:42:49 EDT 2011

Hi Kumar,

Please ask Patrick what the forcing fields (variables names) are, and 
also whether
he used climatology (e.g. monthly means) or time-varying forcing. I can 
help you
with preparing them using ERA-Interim. The IPRC has the ERA-Interim.

Besides the surface forcing fields, you'll need a bathymetry file and 
initial conditions
for U,V,T and S. The bathymetry file is the most important one. It'll be 
great if Patrick
can provide you that (Creating bathymetry for a global domain is very 
I can help with initial conditions too.

I recently created forcing fields and initial conditions for the 
tropical Pacific, using
a bathymetry file created by a girl postdoc (she told me that she worked 
on it for two
weeks, taking great care in the definition of channels, islands, inlets 

Please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm happy to help.


Krishnakumar Rajagopalan wrote:

> Hi Jean-Michel,
> Thanks a lot for your suggestion.
> We contacted  Patrick Heimbach sometime back regarding this tutorial 
> as I happened to read his JPO2006  publication on MOC  where MITgcm 
> was used on a 1deg grid in a configuration similar to 
> global1x1_tot. He is going to give us  all the files except the 
> forcing files as they are very large.  Patrick also 
> suggested  NCEP/NCAR, CORE, ERA-INTERIM for the forcing fields. So we 
> hope to run the 1deg test soon ....
> Best regards
> Krishnakumar
> --- On *Wed, 9/28/11, Jean-Michel Campin /<jmc at ocean.mit.edu>/* wrote:
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>     Subject: Re: [MITgcm-support] input files for tutorial:global1x1_tot
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>     Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2011, 6:18 PM
>     Hi Krishnakumar,
>     I did not see any answer to your email, but this reply might not
>     be very useful.  I think the content of
>     > verification/global1x1_tot/
>     was the skeleton of some ECCO set-up, but never had the
>     full set of input files needed to run it.
>     Plus, it has rarely been updated so might not be working with
>     the current code. Others in the ECCO group will know better.
>     Cheers,
>     Jean-Michel
>     On Tue, Sep 06, 2011 at 11:58:00AM -0700, Krishnakumar Rajagopalan
>     wrote:
>     > Hi All,
>     >  
>     > I am trying to run the  global1x1_tot  tutorial  (ECCO-GODAE
>     production configuration version 1, 2 & 3).   The tutorial appears
>     to be configured  with names of input files e.t.c, but  i am
>     unable to find the input files in the folder. Where can I get the
>     input files?
>     >  
>     > Thanks in advance
>     >  
>     > Krishnakumar
>     >

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