[MITgcm-support] Changes in optfiles

Jean-Michel Campin jmc at ocean.mit.edu
Wed Sep 14 20:12:00 EDT 2011


There has been some recent cleaning/merging of few optfiles
(in tools/build_options/), especially some MPI specific optfiles
have been merged to previously non MPI one, and the modified ones
now support both type of built (when using genmake2 -mpi for the MPI
Similarly, the multi-threads specific optfiles (+mth) with OpenMP
options have also been merged, so that the modified ones also support
an OpenMP built (when using genmake2 -omp).

Below is the list of now obsolete optfiles which have been merged
and the corresponding optfile that should be used instead.
The plan is to move relatively soon (after the next checkpoint)
these obsolete optfiles to: tools/build_options/unsupported/.

Note that some modified/merged optfiles have not been tested (because
of limited access to some platform/compiler), so if something does
not work with the modified optfile (but was working before),
let us know.


 obsolete optfile                     -->  merged optfile     genmake2 option to
(to be moved to "unsupported")                                use with merged optfile
 darwin_ia32_gfortran+mpi             --> darwin_ia32_gfortran       (-mpi)
 darwin_ia32_pgf95+mpich2-mx_trane    --> darwin_ia32_pgf95_trane    (-mpi)

 irix64_ip27_f77+mpi                  --> irix64_ip27_f77            (-mpi)
 irix64_ip35_f77+mpi_mnc_gfdl \                                      (-mpi)
 irix64_ip35+mpi_gfdl          }      --> irix64_ip35_f77            (-mpi)

 linux_amd64_gfortran+mpi_generic     --> linux_amd64_gfortran       (-mpi)
 linux_amd64_ifort+mpi_generic        --> linux_amd64_ifort          (-mpi)
 linux_amd64_ifort11+mpi_generic      --> linux_amd64_ifort11        (-mpi)
 linux_amd64_ifort+mpi_beagle         --> linux_amd64_ifort_beagle   (-mpi)
 linux_amd64_pgf77+mpi_ocl            --> linux_amd64_pgf77_ocl      (-mpi)
 linux_amd64_sunf90+mpi_generic    \                                 (-mpi)
 linux_amd64_sunf90+mpi_generic+mth } --> linux_amd64_sunf90         (-mpi -omp)
 linux_amd64_sunf90+mth            /                                 (-omp)

 linux_ia32_g77+mpi_aces              --> linux_ia32_g77             (-mpi)
 linux_ia32_gfortran4.4           \
 linux_ia32_gfortran+mpi_generic   }  --> linux_ia32_gfortran        (-mpi)
 linux_ia32_ifort.aces            \
 linux_ia32_ifort+mpi_aces         }  --> linux_ia32_ifort           (-mpi)
 linux_ia32_ifort+authors         /
 linux_ia32_ifort10.1+mpi_generic     --> linux_ia32_ifort10.1       (-mpi)
 linux_ia32_ifort11+mpi_generic       --> linux_ia32_ifort11         (-mpi)
 linux_ia32_open64+mth            \                                  (-omp)
 linux_ia32_open64.trapuv          }  --> linux_ia32_open64          (-devel)
 linux_ia32_pathf90+mth               --> linux_ia32_pathf90         (-omp)
 linux_ia32_pgf77+mpi              \                                 (-mpi)
 linux_ia32_pgf77+mpi_aces          } --> linux_ia32_pgf77           (-mpi)
 linux_ia32_pgf77+authors_fc5      /
 linux_ia32_sunf90+mpi_generic     \                                 (-mpi)
 linux_ia32_sunf90+mpi_generic+mth  } --> linux_ia32_sunf90          (-mpi -omp)
 linux_ia32_sunf90+mth             /                                 (-omp)

 linux_ia64_efc+mpi                   --> linux_ia64_efc             (-mpi)
 linux_ia64_open64+mth                --> linux_ia64_open64          (-omp)
 linux_ia64_ifort+mpi_altix_jpl       --> linux_ia64_ifort_altix_jpl (-mpi)

 linux_ppc64_xlf_bigred+mth      \                         (-omp, set NETCDF_ROOT)
 linux_ppc64_xlf_bigred           \                              (set NETCDF_ROOT)
 linux_ppc64_xlf_ncar+mth          }  --> linux_ppc64_xlf  (-omp, set NETCDF_ROOT)
 linux_ppc64_xlf_ncar             /                              (set NETCDF_ROOT)
 linux_ppc64_xlf+mth             /                         (-omp)
 linux_ppc_xlf_bigred+mth         \                        (-omp, set NETCDF_ROOT)
 linux_ppc_xlf_bigred              }  --> linux_ppc_xlf          (set NETCDF_ROOT)
 linux_ppc_xlf+mth                /                        (-omp)

 linux_alpha_g77+mpi                  --> linux_alpha_g77            (-mpi)
 osf1_alpha_f77+mpi                   --> osf1_alpha_f77             (-mpi)

 sp6+mpi_ncar                         --> sp6_ncar                   (-mpi)
 sp4-32bit                            --> sp4
 sp4+mpi                              --> sp4-64bit                  (-mpi)

 sunos_sparc_sunf90+mpi_generic        \                             (-mpi)
 sunos_sparc_sunf90+mpi_generic+mth     } --> sunos_sparc_sunf90     (-mpi -omp)
 sunos_sparc_sunf90+mth                /                             (-omp)
 sunos_sparc_sunf90_m64+mpi_generic    \                             (-mpi)
 sunos_sparc_sunf90_m64+mpi_generic+mth } --> sunos_sparc_sunf90_m64 (-mpi -omp)
 sunos_sparc_sunf90_m64+mth            /                             (-omp)

 SUPER-UX_SX-6_sxmpif90+mpi_dkrz      --> SUPER-UX_SX-6_sx90_dkrz    (-mpi)
 SUPER-UX_SX-8_sxf90+mpi_awi          --> SUPER-UX_SX-8_sxf90_awi    (-mpi)


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