[MITgcm-support] oasis ????

Martin Losch Martin.Losch at awi.de
Mon Jan 24 03:38:05 EST 2011

Hi Nico,

there is no (publically available and working) OASIS package (so far). I am still working on the code. I have only included the hooks to  this package, so that the number of file that I have to update all the time is reduced to a minimum.

I have no explanation as to why are getting this problem. Here's the relevant code 
      IF (useOASIS) CALL OASIS_CHECK( myThid )
and PACKAGES_ERROR_MSG then actually write out the error and stops. So it means, that somehow your configuration has ALLOW_OASIS undefined (that's the default and therefore good, because there is no pubic package yet) but useOASIS = .true. (in eedata).

If you do not have such a line in eedata, then something completely unrelated is happening, e.g. a problem with common block length. I could imagine that you have local copies of *.h files that may have changed in the repository (e.g. the common block length EEPARAMS_L in EEPARAMS.h, or something less obvious), so that useOASIS is now interpreted as a different variable. I'd go through the files that you have in your local "code" directory and check how the original ones have changed during this update and merge these changes into your local versions.


PS. thanks for running into this, this puts a little pressure on me to sort out the OASIS stuff at my end, too

On Jan 21, 2011, at 6:26 PM, Matthew Mazloff wrote:

> Hi Nico,
> Not really sure about this...
> I would say that if you want to use package oasis then compile it by adding it to packages.conf
> otherwise disable it by setting useOASIS to false (or deleting it as false is the default) from eedata
> sorry if that doesn't address your problem,
> -Matt
> On Jan 21, 2011, at 7:33 AM, Nico Wienders wrote:
>> Oasis c'est bon c'est bon!
>> However, we are getting this error out of nowhere since we downloaded the latest checkpoint. 
>> Anybody running into the same problem? 
>> (PID.TID 0001.0001) *** ERROR *** from PACKAGES_CHECK: run-time control flag useOASIS is set
>> (PID.TID 0001.0001) *** ERROR *** but pkg/oasis was not compiled (ALLOW_OASIS undef).
>> (PID.TID 0001.0001) *** ERROR *** ==> Re-compile with pkg "oasis" in file "packages.conf"
>> Thank you. Good day. 
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