[MITgcm-support] Question regarding running mitgcm on the cloud

Azbayar Demberel asic at cs.duke.edu
Thu Jan 20 18:28:59 EST 2011


We are looking to use MITgcm's global ocean simulation to test a new job 
scheduler for cloud architectures. Can you forward me to someone who I 
can ask a few questions regarding implementation of MITgcm on cloud 
(EC2) and the support for parallelism? Specifically, since we are 
looking to run MITgcm on EC2-like cloud architectures, I would like to 
know if it can allow/support changing the degree of parallelism (# of 
processors) dynamically, rather than specifying it statically when 
starting the program, e.g. "mpirun -np 64 ...".

Thank you,

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