[MITgcm-support] code compilation problem

Holly Dail hdail at MIT.EDU
Thu Jan 13 10:03:31 EST 2011

Robert -

Presumably you are experimenting with one of the example codes?  You can follow the READMEs for the example you are trying to build.  For example, if you were trying to build

you would cd to the build directory under that example, and run something like:

../../../tools/genmake2 -mods ../code -of ../../../tools/build_options/linux_ia64_g77

This build file assumes you have g77 available, though your output suggests you have only f95 and mpif77.  Do you know if you have other compilers available on your system?  If not, you can start with one of the available build option files, like the one above, and modify it for your specific compilers.


On Jan 13, 2011, at Jan 13 , 8:46 AM, Robert Ong wrote:

> Dear All,
> I have a very simple question about compiling the code as in Section 3.5 in the manual.
> Here is the error message gives me:
> =================================================
> A program for GENerating MAKEfiles for the MITgcm project.  For a
> quick list of options, use "genmake -h" or for more detail see:
>  http://mitgcm.org/devel_HOWTO/
> ===  Processing options files and arguments  ===
>  getting local config information:  none found
> Warning:  ROOTDIR was not specified but there appears to be a copy of MITgcm at "../../.." so we'll try it.
>  getting OPTFILE information:
> Warning: no OPTFILE specified so we'll look for possible settings
> ===  Searching for possible settings for OPTFILE  ===
>  The platform appears to be:  linux_amd64
>  The possible FORTRAN compilers found in your path are:
>    f95 mpif77
> Error: No options file was found in:  ../../../tools/build_options/
>  that matches this platform ("linux_amd64") and the compilers found in
>  your path.  Please specify an "optfile" using:
>    1) the command line (eg. "-optfile=path/to/OPTFILE"), or
>    2) the MITGCM_OF environment variable.
> ===============================================
> Solution to this problem would be greatly appreciated.
> Kind Regards,
> Robert
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