[MITgcm-support] Merging results from different tiles (MNC)

Alastair McKinstry alastair.mckinstry at nuigalway.ie
Wed Jan 5 12:11:31 EST 2011


I'm using MITgcm and experimenting with the Held-Suarez benchmark, 
running it with  MPI and MNC,
to get netcdf output.

So, I have a bunch of directories mnc_test_XXXX, in which there are grid 
files grid.tZZZ.nc
describing the grid used for tile tZZZ, along with the desired output in 
files phiHyd.0000000000.t469.nc,
Are there any tools or recommendations on how to combine these tile 
outputs into a single file
phiHyd.nc ? ( I can see how it can be done, based on the contents of 
grid*.nc and var.*.nc, but
I would be suprised if this hasn't been done before, but I can't see any 
documentation to that effect).


Alastair McKinstry,<alastair.mckinstry at nuigalway.ie>
Centre for Astronomy, National University of Ireland,Galway

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