[MITgcm-support] offline setup

Holly Dail hdail at MIT.EDU
Sat Dec 17 21:24:27 EST 2011

Hello all -

I'd like to setup an offline run, but am unclear on what is required exactly.  The tutorial discussed in the manual (tutorial_offline) has a README that says its not maintained.  Is tutorial_dic_adjoffline maintained and up-to-date?

Specifically, I'd like to ensure I get the right mapping to diagnostics for the files referenced in data.off.  Here are the fields defined in the tutorial_dic_adjoffline with my best guess of the relevant diagnostic.  Also, its unclear to me why this tutorial defines SFluxFile but not a HFluxFile.

  UvelFile= 'uVeltave',         UVEL
  VvelFile= 'vVeltave',          VVEL
  WvelFile= 'wVeltave',        WVEL
  GMwxFile= 'GM_Kwx-T',  GM_Kwx
  GMwyFile= 'GM_Kwy-T',  GM_Kwy
  GMwzFile= 'GM_Kwz-T',  GM_Kwz
  ConvFile= 'Convtave',    	CONVADJ
  SaltFile= 'Stave',       		SALT
  ThetFile= 'Ttave',       		THETA
  SFluxFile='sFluxtave',   SFLUX

Thanks for the help -

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