[MITgcm-support] query regarding "exf" package

himansu pradhan oceancalling at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 08:39:35 EST 2011

Hi MITgcm users,

I have been trying to use "exf" package. For this i have set :

 exf                                  <---- included in "packages.conf"
 useEXF=.TRUE.,          <---- in "data.pkg"

and my "data.exf" looks like :

# *********************
# External Forcing Data
# *********************
 exf_iprec         = 64,

# *********************

 vstressperiod=21600.0,                   <------- for a period of 6hours.
 ustressfile  = 'pUwindstr.bin',           <------- my windstress component
 vstressfile  = 'pVwindstr.bin',

But the model run gives the following error :

[SVBabu at SVBabu input]$ ./mitgcmuv > 17dec1.txt
STOP S/R EXF_CHECK: Select 1 wind-stress position: A or C-grid

Do help/suggest...................

to note further , i have commented out

#define ALLOW ATM_WIND             <------- EXF_OPTIONS.h
to get rid of the error "STOP S/R EXF_CHECK: use u,v_wind stress components
but not u,v_wind "
( as suggested in mitgcm-support earlier)

One more doubt to add :

I want to give boundary forcings at different boundaries ( using boundary
files in "data.obcs")
 periodcally ( using periodicForcing, externForcingperiod and
externForcingcycle in "data").

Can i use these periodically boundary forcing files along with "exf"
package. ???????

Thanking all in advance,

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