[MITgcm-support] gcmfaces

Martha W Buckley marthab at MIT.EDU
Fri Dec 9 09:21:04 EST 2011

I'm using the gcmfaces package to look at ECCO v4, run on a lat-lon cap grid.  
I am having with subscripting.  I want to use "end" to reference the last
subscript of a gcmfaces object.  This feature doesn't seem to be overloaded or
at least it doesn't seem to do what it does for matricies.  Has anyone
overloaded it or have a suggestions? It seems that this would be a feature that
would need to be overloaded in subref.m or subassign.m.

I want to refer to example to obj(2:end,1:end-1) where obj is a mitgcmfaces
object.  Since faces 1,2,4,5 and 3 have different dimensions, the end command
is be particularly useful.

If you are curious, what I am trying to do is calculate the geostrophic and
Ekman transports from the windstress.  I want the results to be on the lat-lon
cap grid.  Since for example, u_g depends on dp/dy (which is at the v points,
not the u points) I want to interpolate the nearest (up to) 4 points of dp/dx
to calculated u_g at the appropriate points.


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