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Wed Nov 5 07:14:07 EST 2008

  I'm simulating the global current with the resolution 1 degree(I just customize the global4x4 in the file /verification),but the results show that there are small seasonal variations(See the attachment,which shows that there is little difference of the current between June and December).Besides,the currents in equatorial areas are very strong(see the attachment).
The forcings like wind and heat flux are downloaded from ecco-group.com with monthly change.As there are small seasonal variations,I doubt that the model only reads one month data rather than a monthly cycle.I mean,only the wind of January forces the model all the time.Can that be possible? Or other reasons?
Please help me to overcome the problem.Thank you in advance.
(There is also a 'data' file in the attachment)
                                                             Yours Sincerely,
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