[MITgcm-support] obcs problem

Dimitris Menemenlis dmenemenlis at gmail.com
Mon Dec 22 19:25:40 EST 2008

Chuncheng, you can look at
for an example of balancing boundary conditions offline.  Search for  
"balance BCs".
When I do that, I find that mean sea level remains balanced.  Dimitris

On Dec 20, 2008, at 8:06 AM, ouc.edu.cn wrote:

>  Hi Martin,
>    I have met the same problem,I mean ,the obcs balance  problem.I'm  
> simulating South China sea,and the structure of the currents seems  
> good.However,the sea level height keeps rising.After 30 years  
> integration,it can rise to 20m! I set exactConserv =.TRUE.,but it  
> doesn't work.I checked pkg/obcs/obcs_calc.F,but there is no  
> algorithm that can keep the obcs balance.
>  Of course we can keep the flux balanced before running,but I think  
> maybe after sevel years,the amplitude will also rise,but not as  
> large as before.So could you give me any suggestions?
>   Thank you!
>                                                  Chuncheng Guo
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