[MITgcm-support] OLy in a 2D case (verification/internal_wave)

Nicolas Grisouard nicolas.grisouard at grenoble-inp.fr
Wed Dec 17 12:24:49 EST 2008

Hi all,

I ran the verification test "internal_wave" with OLy=2 instead of OLy=3 
in SIZE.h. As sNy=1 in this case, this makes quite a difference.

By doing this, I saved 23% of CPU time and the output files seem to be 
identical (I substracted the two final U fields and the maximum absolute 
value of the resulting field is rigourously equal to zero). It didn't 
work with OLy=1 (output files are different).

So as this test might be the one some people interested in 2D will start 
with (this was my case about 2 years ago), and unless the-ones-who-know 
have an objection, it might be a good idea to set OLy=2 in this case. I 
just saw that in the new version, OLy=4, so if what I said still holds, 
people working on this kind of configuration would see their computing 
times roughly divided by 2.

Thank you for checking if its true,

PhD Student - ERES research group
Laboratoire des Ecoulements Geophysiques et Industriels
BP 53
38041 Grenoble cedex 9 France
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