[MITgcm-support] Re: RHO_2D problem

Stefano Querin squerin at ogs.trieste.it
Wed Dec 17 10:06:50 EST 2008

Dear Matej,

at a glance (very quickly, sorry...), it seems to me that you did not 
specify the initial T and S values for all your vertical levels, namely, 
either prescribing all 25 values, or simply imposing:


I'm also sending you (and the MITgcm community) a link to a couple of papers 
focused on the Gulf (or Bay...) of Trieste and discussing some numerical 
simulations carried out using the MITgcm model.
Of course, any comments/suggestions/criticisms are more than welcome!
Matej, please feel free to contact me for any questions about this (very 
specific) area.

Cheers (zivijo)!



To download follow the link:
Code1: 3cac85d178653cc9
Code2: 8975eb2d709b9adc

Expiring date: 27 December 2008


> Normal thing, to forget attaching something... Now attached.
> Matej Brecelj
> Matej Brecelj pravi:
>> Dear all,
>> I'm trying to model Trieste bay in the Adriatic sea with MITgcm, to
>> compare it with two other models, that we already have at the University
>> of Ljubljana. It's 36 x 33 km, 25 m deep sea, open at one boundary. I'm
>> just beginning with the simulations, prepared the input files on the
>> basis of Baroclinic Gyre as it is described in the user manual.
>> For the first step (to get in touch) I'm trying just to run the model as
>> a lake (so everything closed), later I'd like to evolve it to equal it
>> with the other two models. I had some  difficulties to prepare basic
>> input data (I believe that's normal when someone is getting in touch
>> with new model), now it reads all the data normally, but it sends me out
>> an error saying:
>> FIND_RHO_2D: equationOfState = ""
>> It's not the part of the output, but it's printed on the screen
>> somewhere near the end of the output - couple of lines up or down... I'm
>> attaching the output, I'm a bit lost here. Hope that somebody can give
>> me a hint of which way to go...
>> Thanks and have a nice time,
>> Matej Brecelj 

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