[MITgcm-support] RHO_2D problem

Martin Losch Martin.Losch at awi.de
Wed Dec 17 03:15:01 EST 2008

Hi Matej,

the error message implies that the model does not know which equation  
of state to use, because the variable "equationOfState" is empty. To  
set this variable set
eosType='LINEAR' in "data" for a linear EOS, 'JMD95Z' for something  
more realistic and JMD95P or MDJWF for EOSs that use dynamic pressure  
(instead of rho0*g*z). equationOfState is just a copy of eosType.

What puzzles me is that LINEAR is the default, even if you don't set  
anything data (but you did in your data file according to your  
output), so this message should not appear, unless something goes  
seriously wrong elsewhere.

Can you run the tutorial_baroclinic_gyre successfully on your machine?
./testreport -t tutorial_baroclinic_gyre
(and maybe specify your build-options file via -of, too)
what does that give you?

On 17 Dec 2008, at 09:00, Matej Brecelj wrote:

> Dear all,
> I'm trying to model Trieste bay in the Adriatic sea with MITgcm, to
> compare it with two other models, that we already have at the  
> University
> of Ljubljana. It's 36 x 33 km, 25 m deep sea, open at one boundary.  
> I'm
> just beginning with the simulations, prepared the input files on the
> basis of Baroclinic Gyre as it is described in the user manual.
> For the first step (to get in touch) I'm trying just to run the  
> model as
> a lake (so everything closed), later I'd like to evolve it to equal it
> with the other two models. I had some  difficulties to prepare basic
> input data (I believe that's normal when someone is getting in touch
> with new model), now it reads all the data normally, but it sends  
> me out
> an error saying:
> FIND_RHO_2D: equationOfState = ""
> It's not the part of the output, but it's printed on the screen
> somewhere near the end of the output - couple of lines up or  
> down... I'm
> attaching the output, I'm a bit lost here. Hope that somebody can give
> me a hint of which way to go...
> Thanks and have a nice time,
> Matej Brecelj
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