[MITgcm-support] No diagnostics output on last timestep

Jean-Michel Campin jmc at ocean.mit.edu
Sun Aug 10 21:57:09 EDT 2008

Hi David,

You are right: the snapshot diagnostics corresponding to the last 
iteration of the run is not written. 
This is annoying, but cannot be changed easily.
What I end up doing is to make the run longer by 1 iteration 
(to get the last multiple of "frequency").

On Fri, Aug 08, 2008 at 11:35:37AM -0500, David Hebert wrote:
> Hi All
> I have been using diagnostics package to dump the Rhoanoma and Strat  
> fields with my other data. I have set diagnostics to dump at the same  
> frequency as that set dumpFreq in data file, except with a negative sign  
> to note it is a snapshot rather than a time average.
> It seems that diagnostics does not dump at last timestep before  
> simulation ends. Am I missing a command or flag or something to have it  
> dump on the last timestep? Has anyone else experienced this?
> Thanks for you assistance,
> David
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