[MITgcm-support] OBCs balance and sponge

Julie Deshayes jdeshayes at whoi.edu
Tue Oct 9 09:35:25 EDT 2007

I am trying to set up a configuration with MITgcm  where the basin is 
semi-enclosed, with an open boundary on one side, which is split in two 
portions. In the first part, velocities are precribed as inflow (where 
there is a gradient in topography, so this drives a boundary current), 
while the rest of the open boundary is "open".  I tried using Orlanski 
radiation conditions, but I keep having very high velocities just at the 
limit between the OBCS prescribe area and the OBCS Orlanski area, and 
the model finally blow up. I would like to try OBCS-balance and 
OBCS-sponge routines, but the manual lacks details on what these 
routines actually do and which parameters have to be specified.
Any help would be grately appreciated ...

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