[MITgcm-support] Rebuilding pickup files from data files

Andrea Molod molod at ocean.mit.edu
Wed Jan 24 21:39:27 EST 2007

hi christopher,

> A recent computer crashed resulted in the loss of all the pickup files from 
> several of my runs, but, as luck would have it, all of the separate data 
> files (T, U, V, etc) were saved. Does anyone know if it's possible to rebuild 
> the pickup files from the other data files so that the runs may be restarted? 
> All the files are in the old mdsio format.

my take on the answer to your question is 'yes, sort of'. the number of 
fields that need to be on a pickup partly depends on what kind of run you
have, but the 'dump' files are indeed 'snap shots' of the model state that
can be written into a pickup file. what is missing, however, are the
pickup fields that represent 'tendencies' of the state variables. like
gT and gTNm1 (time tendency of theta, same at one step back). which you 
will have to put on the pickup file you write (zeros). the model will
not give you the same result you would have gotten had you continued
your run from the pickups. if that's ok then i think your runs are ok.

i don't have a routine offhand to make the pickups from the dump. maybe
someone else has one? to see the write sequence for the pickups see
routines write_pickup.F or read_pickup.F in the model/src directory.
there will be a separate call sequence for each field.

hope this helps.


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