[MITgcm-support] Diagnostic package and Paging space

Matthew Mazloff mmazloff at MIT.EDU
Thu Jan 18 07:21:05 EST 2007


I set as the only output:

   frequency(1) = 43200.0,
    levels(1,1) = 2.,
    fields(1,1) = 'UVEL    ',
                  'VVEL    ',
    filename(1) = 'UVlevel2',

which should give me NX*NY*1*4 amount of output every day.

I have previously run with much more data being output....more  
importantly I have run succesfully with

    frequency(7) = 43200.0,
    levels(1,7) = 2.,
    fields(1,7) = 'momKE   ',
    filename(7) = 'momKntEn',

However, running with the above call to give me UVlevel2 causes  
bizarre behavior where the model is killed by the machine with the  

ATTENTION: 0031-033  Your application has forced paging space to be  
exceeded...bailing out
ERROR: 0031-250  task 544: Paging space low

I emailed the system support but have gotten no reply after almost a  
week....I take this to mean they are stumped or figure it is an issue  
on my end.
Any ideas?


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