[MITgcm-support] extract_levitus_clim.m

Amitabh Mitra amitabhmitra1 at rediffmail.com
Thu Jan 18 06:07:10 EST 2007

 Dear Sir,

 I was trying to prepare the levitus data

 by using levit.m.

 But I get an error message in line no. 44

 of extract_levitus_clim.m as below:
 Error in ==> C:\matlabR12\work\extract_levitus_clim.m
 On line 44  
 ==> eval(['load ' ARCHIVEDIR '/levitus/raw/climdeps.dat']);

 Error in ==> C:\matlabR12\work\exintlevitclim.m
 On line 8  ==> [TL,xl,yl,zl]=...

 Error in ==> C:\matlabR12\work\levit.m
 On line 22  ==> exintlevitclim('temp');
 The matlab file is attached.
 So where can I find the file '/levitus/raw/climdeps.dat' ?

 I think some lines are to be added to the matlab pre processing
 file extract_levitus_clim.m to create the climdeps.dat file by
 extracting from the levitus data.

 How can I tackle this error ? Please help.

 Thanking You,

 With regards,

 Amitabh Mitra
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