[MITgcm-support] rstar coordinates

Patrick Rosendahl Patrick.Rosendahl at zmaw.de
Wed Oct 18 07:47:06 EDT 2006

Hello all,

I hope someone can clearify this.
a) I want to use hydro"dynamic" code: nonHydrostatic=.TRUE.,
b) I want to use free surface: rigidLid=.FALSE.,
c) I want to use the linearized free surface (the only one that works 
with hydrodynamic): nonlinFreeSurf=0,
d) I want to use "high waves" (together with a fine resolution) so I 
use: select_Rstar=2,
e) I can toggle the handling of the free surface explicit/implicit: 

My questions are

- without R*-coordinates the largest wave is restricted to the 
discretisation in the uppermost layer ?
- has R*-switch an effect with nonlinFreeSurf=0 ?

The model runs fine, but I dont know how to interpret the eta values. Is 
the whole column streched (R*-coords), or is it just the uppermost layer 

Best regards,
Patrick Rosendahl

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